No, I am not the ultimate leader, but I lead a successful clan.  This blog is to share tips I have found effective in running my clan "Halo 4 (Red shield, gold bolt).

Laying Down the Law

I have two simple rules in my clan and while I am very lenient, these rules are final and are enforced by me and my elders:

  1. No bad language (swearing, innuendos, bullying, etc.)
  2. Be active!

My Elders also have further rules and responsibilities

  1. You may promote a player if you and another Elder agree.  There must be two votes.
  2. If a member is breaking a rule, you may kick them with two Elder votes.  If a member is being rude or disruptive in the moment and will not respond to warnings, you may kick them immediately.

With only a few rules to follow, my clan  feels free to do what they want while respecting the clan as a place with rules.  If there were no rules, they may feel they can be kicked randomly or not like the language other players use.

Daily Tip

Posting a "daily tip" has been useful to both new players and experienced ones.  It is a way to get out knowledge to the rest of the clan about everything from the best use of Wall Breakers, to the best positioning of Mortars within your base.  I also encourage members and Elders to post daily tips.  To make it look official, I post it in brackets like so

[Daily Tip]

I have had requests on various subjects, started interesting conversations and debates, and even learned some things.

-April 16, 2013

Monarchy or Democracy?

I could tell everyone what to do, kick who I please and say whatever I want.  But I have much more fun, and happier Elders, when I let others lead.  My clan makes decisions as a group.  when we kick or promote, two elders (or one elder and myself) to vote for that person.  This does two things:

  1. Creates a clan shaped by the clan; not the leader.
  2. Helps prevent promoting someone who should not be.  If a few people trust a player, the odds increase they are in fact trustworthy.  But if elders can just promote and kick by themselves, they may begin doing so for no good reason.

-April 16, 2013


My clan has many Elders.  I believe anyone who meets the standards we have set forth should earn it.  Over time, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain Elder status.


  • 200 donations
  • two votes


  • 200 donations in a week or 300 in two weeks
  • can't be "new"
  • two Elder votes
  • 100 minimum donations each season (Started at 50)

This keep my Elders fresh and feeling like they are part of somthing worth having.  I will probably create a minimum trophy count next or make 3 votes manditory.  Most reasently, I have become more strict on communicating to the clan about any actions an Elder takes encluding leaving the clan for any amount of time.


Use that leader message.  I have found it handy for clan announcements, encouragement, or boosting moral!  Unfortunately, it takes 12 hours for the clan message to recharge so consider what message you are going to send.  Here are some examples of Clan messages:

"Great work donating this week clan!  Top donators are ___, ___ and ___.  Happy hunting!"

"Anyone can be an elder, but you have to earn it!  250 donations in a week or 400 in two weeks.  Good luck!"

"Clan rules: No bad language and donate if you can."

"Welcome to the clan newcomers!  If you have questions, just ask me or my trusty Elders!"

-22 April, 2013

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