Hog riderz

aka Hoggy

  • I live in Disneyworld
  • My occupation is Riding hogs... Duh
  • I am a Hogrider
  • Hog riderz

    Farming is a rapidly growing trend in CoC.  Maybe people who are newer want to try it out buthave no clue what it is.  read the following statement 3 times over if you are Bronze or Silver 2-:  DO NOT FARM.  Farming at a low level is very dangerous to your CoC wellfare.  an exception to this is if you have been in gold or higher and dropped purposfully to farm.   Let me explain.  People who farm only farm to keep theyre resources such as  coins or elixer (and if your even higher, dark elixer).  When you are a low town hall level, with low level walls, people will be able to break in easily to raid you ofv your precious resources.  Taking from you RESOURSES and TROPHIES.  The only people who should be farming are Silver 1+.  The reason for …

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  • Hog riderz

    Easy Trophy Boost?

    November 8, 2014 by Hog riderz

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  • Hog riderz


    November 6, 2014 by Hog riderz

    Want an easy way to get trophys?  (This is more for people that actually can raid) :)  1. Revenge.  Revenge is an easy way to get trophys.  For instance, I destoyed a town hall (only a town hall)  and recieved 16 TROPHYS!!!!!!  2. Farmers only.  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STUPID FARMERS!!!!!!  only go for farmer bases.  3.  Archer attack.  (This way requires at least lvl 3 archers.)  If you dont mind getting trophys at a slow rate, surround the whole base with a LOT of archers.  The % of damage will just keep going up and up.  That way u usually only get 1 star with that approach.


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