Im just going to start out by saying sorry to the bronze people who want to read this, because this will not work for you.  (Unless you get really lucky).  Im telling you from experience, this works!!!  And it escpecially works whenn you are in silver 1 or higher.  Im not trying to offend all the farmers out there, (because i know there are alot), TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!!!!  Take advantage of farmers who have theyre town hall sitting outside!  When i play COC, all the troops i ever need to train are barbarions, because when i see the town hall sitting outside, i attack it, and by the way, NEVER ATTACK ANTHING ELSE.  just to be sure you win the fight, only attack farmers because your sure to win.  Ive been pushed from just starting silver 2 to silver1 in a day.  Little by little you will gain in the trophy count, gain around 5-10 trophys depending on how much you destroy of the base.  But as i said in the begginning, this WILL NOT work for around silver 3 and lower, as farmers are more around the lvl of silver 2ish and up.

   Please give me feedback,


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