• Hey everyone! Long time, no see! I haven't been on the wiki in literally FOREVER, and I though I would celebrate with a blog post!
  • Alright, so one of the reasons I wanted to make a blog post today, is because I am so close to Town Hall 7. Town Hall 7 is considered the main milestone on COC, and the first step to becoming a high-level player. So I was pretty excited. I was finishing up upgrading all my collectors to Level 10, when I saw a BIG problem.
My walls.
I am most definitely NOT a rusher. I just don't do that. Rushing hurts you in the long run, especially in the higher levels. Plus, I always have  Galactic Ruler on my back saying, "Don't rush! Don't rush!" So I'm not rushing now and I probably won't ever. But it's just those walls! They are taking forever, and I was sure I was almost done once I finished my collectors. Boy, was I wrong. Upgrading these walls are so time-consuming. But I swore to myself I would never rush. So far, I've spent around a week and I've only upgraded a little less than half my walls.
  • So what do you guys think? Should I upgrade most of my walls, the amount I have now, or wait till ALL my walls are done? Post in the comments!

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