• Iep003

    Clan: Ds budy2936

    April 2, 2015 by Iep003

    This clan is good at matchmaking opponents in war, but they did war 451 times and they won only 2 wars. Their record is 2-1-448.

    Don't opt out in war says their mighty leader Thomas. Thomas is the best at war, he 3 stars all the top bases in war.

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  • Iep003

    Clan list: 

    Clan: DolittleDo36

    1. Gaja 4292 trophies

    2. LukeyMike 3917 trophies

    3. Dumbpate035 3201 trophies

    4. andrewkitten 35 trophies

    My cousin got kicked because he didn't get a 3 star in clan wars.

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  • Iep003

    Chum is Fum

    April 2, 2015 by Iep003

    This clan was very rude to my cousin. He was a level 122 and he got REJECTED from an all silver and gold league clan. My cousin was in early champion's league at 3241 trophies. He got REJECTED and he has all lvl 10 walls, no gems used at all, he has a max th 10 base. He got rejected because the clan said he was too noobish and his base sucked and he should quit coc. He was in the clan for a minute so they can say all of that stuff to him. 

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  • Iep003

    Sr. Washington

    April 2, 2015 by Iep003

    Our modest leader, SENIORALE is very honest and passionate, and tells the coolest news ever. He is a BARCH MASTER!!!!! He has gotten up to 4,100 cups using BARCH. He can 3 star any base! 

    SENIORALE's Gold Grab: 700,052,679

    SENIORALE'S Elixir Escapade: 691,664,896

    SENIORALE'S Heroic Heist: 1,798,691

    The whole clan calls him Sr. Washington because he can make the dorkiest George Washington impressions.

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  • Iep003

    Iep003's Blog Part 1

    April 2, 2015 by Iep003

    The blog about the unknown troop in Clash of Clans, the sea lobster.

    The Sea lobster lives under the sand in your base. 

    Sea Lobster: 

    DPS: 160

    Hitpoints: 500

    Training Cost: 1000 elixir

    Favorite Target: Defenses

    Damage Type: Single Target

    Targets: Ground

    Housing Space: 2

    Training Time: 5m

    Movement Speed: 16

    How this troop is unlocked: You have to destroy a total of 4,000 mortars in 2 seasons.

    Level 2:

    DPS: 185

    Hitpoints: 550

    Training Cost: 1500 elixir

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