• Inedmyoldac

    Ok so I think there needs to be a new troops that steals loots but flys. It will be an easier way to get loot.Goblins are good but every thing can attack them . But a flying troop will go get the loot without getting attacked by cannons . So this new troops should be like a mini dragon but different. It should attack the storage or collectors by bitting. The troops will be bitting . THIS TROOP WILL BE DIFFERENT. So, when you get the loot, there should be a button that show to go back. You wont get the loot when the troop attacks , he will have it in his mouth , when you send him back , he will give you the loot. He will go to where he was placed.Ok, now that damage should be 19 for level 1and level 2 damage should be 27 . The hit points sh…

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