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    5000 edits

    August 27, 2015 by Infinity323

    Ermagersh five-thersernd erdirts!!!!! Yayyyrrrr!!!

     Infinity323  Message Wall  Blog  Contribs  Rules and Policies   07:09, August 27, 2015 (UTC-5) 

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  • Infinity323

    Hey guys, recently I have trapped my town hall with hidden teslas, and I love watching them just roast archers. I thought you should join in on the fun of wasting peoples' resources and time! Or at least try. :P

    149 troop space used. Approximately 15.5 minutes of his time wasted, if he trained all archers in four barracks. 29,800 elixir spent. Victory.

    One of the key things to take a trapped town hall out is to send in all your barchers at once. This guy did the opposite of that. He sent his archers in groups of 20, and the maxed teslas fried them one by one. Eventually, he sent around 80 archers to take out the teslas and, finally, the town hall.

    39 troop space used and both heroes. 42 minutes of his time wasted; king had to heal. 26,700 eliā€¦

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  • Infinity323

    If you get a perfect score, you can be moderator for a day. No cheating or else permanent block!!! Not really lol.

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  • Infinity323

    4000 Edits!

    April 29, 2015 by Infinity323

    After lots of hard work on the wiki I have finally made 4000 edits! Yay!

    Thanks to all who helped make my job on the wiki easier in the past 1000 edits (in no particular order):




    And yeah that's pretty much it haha

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  • Infinity323

    Image Checklist

    March 10, 2015 by Infinity323
    • Archer
    • Archer Queen
    • Balloon
    • Barbarian
    • Barbarian King
    • Dragon
    • Giant
    • Goblin
    • Golem
    • Golemite
    • Healer
    • Hog Rider
    • Lava Hound
    • Lava Pup
    • Minion
    • P.E.K.K.A
    • Skeleton
    • Valkryie
    • Wall Breaker
    • Witch
    • Wizard

    All finished!!! :D

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