Hey guys, recently I have trapped my town hall with hidden teslas, and I love watching them just roast archers. I thought you should join in on the fun of wasting peoples' resources and time! Or at least try. :P


149 troop space used. Approximately 15.5 minutes of his time wasted, if he trained all archers in four barracks. 29,800 elixir spent. Victory.

One of the key things to take a trapped town hall out is to send in all your barchers at once. This guy did the opposite of that. He sent his archers in groups of 20, and the maxed teslas fried them one by one. Eventually, he sent around 80 archers to take out the teslas and, finally, the town hall.


39 troop space used and both heroes. 42 minutes of his time wasted; king had to heal. 26,700 elixir spent. Victory.

This guy probably got impatient when the teslas popped out. He first spread his archers, triggering the teslas. Then he sent wizards to back up the archers, followed by his raged barbarian king and archer queen. The barbarian king was defeated in around 10 seconds, and his archer queen nearly died. Unfortunately, his strategy got the town hall.


80 troop space used and one spell. Approximately 7.3 minutes of his time wasted, provided he trained the archers in four barracks. 38,200 elixir and 35 dark elixir spent. Defeat.

This guy underestimated the power of level 7 hidden teslas against level 4 archers. (They one-shot-kill archers). His rage spell placement was terrible as well. He dropped the rage spell so that it would not affect the area beyond the tombstones. He then spammed all his archers and his minions on that spot. They took out a few buildings, but the hidden teslas zapped them one by one. The archers reached the town hall, but they did not survive long enough to take it out.

Do you want to do this? Do you have fun trolling people in the game? To do so, you'll need to position the town hall close to your base, where it can be partially covered with defenses. You'll need to put four high level hidden teslas (level 6+) in front of your town hall. To make sure that the troops do not attack the hidden teslas right off the bat, you'll need to place useless buildings with higher hitpoints in front of them, such as the air sweeper. Then, have fun as your opponent turns a town hall snipe into a town hall raid.

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