So um....I'll get started now.

I will talk about the wiki and how it helped me. But first I will talk about my friends!


Hey Badwolf, um..... let's move on, shall we?


Hey man, thanks for all the coding! Thanks for being a good pal and supporter.


Um...thanks for being the most active bureaucrat?


Hey, you have been a great partner in the Chinese Wiki, and you will always be.


Nice avatar.....


Oh now I remember....Thanks for being a very great pal in removing bad content

Hiranori 2

I never knew you. I'm just kidding, thanks for being a great friend to chat with.

The Fluffiest One

Whats with the "derp"? Derp.

The Wiki

Guys, with you the wiki has improved greatly since I joined. Thanks to all of you (and me) the wiki is a better place! You guys helped me a ton.

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