Recently I had been saving up my dark elixir to afford my barbarian king. I do not want to spend money to purchase gems and buy the barbarian king. It has been hard to get to 10000 dark elixir as if your trophy level is too low, no one has dark elixir to raid. If your trophy level is too high, everyone attacks you with level 6 troops and some "level 14 barbarian king" or "level 9 archer queen". Some may debate that barbarian king is very weak (i can't disagree, since when attacking, it takes 10 barbarians and 5 archers for me to "stun" a level 1 barbarian king), but of course, a big giant that has quite a good damage per hit that can be reused is actually not that bad :/. So after saving for a very very very very long time, I have 7900 dark elixir. Quite close to my target. 

I realised that my army is quite inefficient in attacking to the core (since de storages are often evry well protected). Can anyone suggest an army that I can try while raiding for dark elixir? My camps max is 185 and my barbarian is lvl 4, archer lvl 5, goblin lvl 4, giant lvl 4, wall breaker lvl 4, balloon lvl 3, wizard lvl 3, healer lvl 2, dragon lvl 1. My current de raiding army is 2 healers, 12 giants, 10 wall breakers and the rest barbarian, archers and goblins equally. Is this method bad or am I just under-estimating myself?

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