Invader Tom

aka Tom a.k.a Watro

  • I live in in biggie cheese’s stomach
  • I was born on June 9
  • My occupation is pretending to be a piece of cheese
  • I am The 785746284856563929857560287456758372747574848483838282838383828383849th gender.
  • Invader Tom

    Today, PayBack got raided for the 1049384390895748937394 time in Clash Of Clans. Why us? Why can't they raid other players? Why do new players always attack Payback? It is a shame payback gets destroyed by 2 wizards! One day, we will be able to raid YOU! One day, more Goblin Maps will come with BOSS BATTLES! One day, WE WILL RULE THE WORLD! Goblin Barbarians? YES! Goblin Archers? YES! Goblin Brutes? YES! Goblins? YES! Goblin Bomb Throwers? YES! Goblin Balloons? YES! Goblin Mages? YES! Goblin Healers? YES! Goblin Dragons? YES! Goblin P.E.K.K.As? YES! All of this will be added! Why? BECAUSE SUPERCELL IS RUN BY GOBLINS! How do i know this? Because to get Lvl 11 walls, you have to pay 4,000,000 Gold! This is why Sherbert Towers has had lvl 8 w…

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