Today, PayBack got raided for the 1049384390895748937394 time in Clash Of Clans. Why us? Why can't they raid other players? Why do new players always attack Payback? It is a shame payback gets destroyed by 2 wizards! One day, we will be able to raid YOU! One day, more Goblin Maps will come with BOSS BATTLES! One day, WE WILL RULE THE WORLD! Goblin Barbarians? YES! Goblin Archers? YES! Goblin Brutes? YES! Goblins? YES! Goblin Bomb Throwers? YES! Goblin Balloons? YES! Goblin Mages? YES! Goblin Healers? YES! Goblin Dragons? YES! Goblin P.E.K.K.As? YES! All of this will be added! Why? BECAUSE SUPERCELL IS RUN BY GOBLINS! How do i know this? Because to get Lvl 11 walls, you have to pay 4,000,000 Gold! This is why Sherbert Towers has had lvl 8 walls since 2012!

Day 2. So instead of us going, Minions did. MINIONS! I know were not the best. But when it was a raid and our village was low on resources and we steal loot? What's the point? Of course, Star Bonus loot. Of course, they 3-starred that village. So today, The Goblin King & Queen told the Prince to give the people at Goblin Town some Bread & Elixer. He trained an entire army of goblins and took 1,000,000 elixer, and 900,000 bread. It only took 5 minutes to get to every single map besides payback. Mainly because Payback isn't a town anymore. Payback used to be a town, but then barbarians & archers stole the loot. Every time we rebuild it, we only can build a cannon & Town Hall. Then it gets destroyed by 2 wizards. Wow. Just wow. Well i heard tomorrow that goblins,giants & dragons are going on a farming raid. Hope i get picked.

Day 3: So i did get picked. We 3 starred the base. See why you use Goblins? We got 510,000 Gold & Elixer, plus 710 Dark Elixer. Not including Star Bonus. Incase if you wonder what map i live in, i live in Sherbert Towers. And when a goblin map gets raided, i notify the king. Wonder where people go when they enter a Town Hall and it gets destroyed and there are no remains of any life found? You see, we go into a secret dungeon that holds prisoners & goblins. Whenever a troop "dies" on a Goblin Map, they disegrate into Elixer/Dark Elixer. But they are teleported to the dungeon and held captured. Speaking of which, that person we raided wrecked Sherbert Towers with valkyries. Stupid buffed Valkyries, why do they have to get buffed? Well, that's it for today.

Day 4: Walls are overpriced. Some troll used an all wallbreakers raid and destroyed EVERY. SINGLE. WALL IN EVERY SINGLE GOBLIN MAP. It costed us 95,000,000 gold to repair all the walls. Now Sherbert Towers has 0 loot. So we had to go to some maps that can't get raided because they aren't on the map. Here are them all: Loot Canyon,Goblin Brigade, Castles Away (Clan Castle in Castles Away.) Hero Valley, Green Beans Town,Giant Arena and Goblin Graveyard (tombstones that summon skeletons). We went to Loot Valley, borrowed 3,900 Elixer & 1,200 Gold plus 700 pieces of canned bread & canned soup. With the elixer, we trained up Golems,Wizards,Goblins & Witches, We call this a GoWiGoWi. 3 star. Star Bonus loot. And now we have 190,000 Elixer, 210,000 gold, and 9,900 canned soup and 7,000 pieces of bread. What a day!

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