• Isaacthecool

    Warfare - Recruiting Friendly War Lovers. Rules are use both attacks in war, Promos are earned, and Have fun. To apply please copy, paste, and fill this chart

    IGN= Lvl= Base Type= Current Archer level= Current Town Hall Lvl= Base Photo (Optional)= I want to join because=

    Here is my chart for an Exsample

    IGN=Isaacthecool2 Lvl=47 Base Type=Farming Current Archer level=3 Current Town Hall Lvl=7 Base photo (Optional)=Not Avaible I want to join because=I love meeting new people and working as a team in Clan Wars, and an active player, I would love to join Warfare.

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  • Isaacthecool

           16 Giants, 40 Archers, 16 Barbarians, 10 Wizards, 12 Wallbreakers, 3 Heal Spells, and 1 Rage Spell

                                                                                                                                                                                                                (Clan Castle, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen) if available​​

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