Very good strategy for getting at storages, known as Gabwiwa for about town hall 9 people.  I find this very helpful for gold and dark elixer, recently got Archer Queen with this! Now for what it has in it. 

       16 Giants, 40 Archers, 16 Barbarians, 10 Wizards, 12 Wallbreakers, 3 Heal Spells, and 1 Rage Spell

                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Clan Castle, Barbarian King, and Archer Queen) if available​​

First if Clan castle is easy to check you should use a few barbarians (if so) lure out, and use some archers and wizards to kill them.  Start the attack by choosing what side to attack and use all giants,  followed by archers and wizards (Approximately 10 archers and 3 wizards) then drop heal spell on giants.  Continue with approximately 5 wallbreakers, then Barbarian king, Archer Queen, and Clan Castle (if available) I would recommend using King's ability straight away.  Use 10 more archers and 3 more wizards, then drop another heal spell on giants, place rest of wallbreakers and wizards with 10 archers, and 6 barbarians.  Drop rage spell on giants and wizards and place the other troops, then you drop heal spell on giants and you should probaly use archer queen ability here.    Hope it helps, and please comment on how it goes.  Thats all, Isaacthecool

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