• IsickChow777

    Hello fellow clashers! We are the unholy knightz family. Our family is full of active, loyal, friendly, and mature players. Our main clan is unholy knightz, but we also have two feeders; unholy knightz2 and unholy knightz3. Requirements and further information below.

    Our clan was started by Armando David and some of his friends, who took the clan and built it into an empire that consists of almost 150 members! Even Jorge Yao payed a visit! Everyone in our main clan is over level 65, the majority being around level 90. Most of our main clan have maxed out troops, if not almost maxed out troops. We selectively pick our members, only taking the strong, friendly, and active. Many of our ex-members still remember the unholy knightz as a very goo…

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