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Hello fellow clashers! We are the unholy knightz family. Our family is full of active, loyal, friendly, and mature players. Our main clan is unholy knightz, but we also have two feeders; unholy knightz2 and unholy knightz3. Requirements and further information below.

What's So Special?

Our clan was started by Armando David and some of his friends, who took the clan and built it into an empire that consists of almost 150 members! Even Jorge Yao payed a visit! Everyone in our main clan is over level 65, the majority being around level 90. Most of our main clan have maxed out troops, if not almost maxed out troops. We selectively pick our members, only taking the strong, friendly, and active. Many of our ex-members still remember the unholy knightz as a very good and loyal family. We may already seem firmly established, but we want to grow! That's why we want you to join us. Are you worthy enough?


Requirements to join unholy knightz (main clan):

-Level 6 Archers

-1500 Trophies

-Age 18 or older

Requirements to join unholy knightz2 (1st feeder):

-Level 5 Archers

-1000 Trophies

-Minimum of 200 donations per season

Requirements to join unholy knightz3 (2nd feeder):

-Level 3 Archers

-800 Trophies

-Minimum of 200 donations per season

General Rules:

-Do NOT ask for elder

-Donate before requesting

-Archers are the default donation

-Leaving without notifying may result in a ban (exceptions: hacked, trolled by friend, etc.)

-Do not even think about hopping in our family or else we will have matthew and Zuckme come after you

-Swearing, dirty talk, and joking around is permitted (why else would we call ourselves the unholy knightz? Just don't  go too far)

-Tell yo friends!

-Have fun! (or else >:D)

If you have any questions about our clan, please ask your elders/co-leaders/leaders. Our elders/co-leaders/leaders would be more than happy to welcome you, give advice, and help you. See you here and happy hunting!

If you have extra time, check out our leader Armando's Youtube channel: MiamiBeast631

Twitter: Armando David (MiamiBEAST_631)

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