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    Building Farming

    March 28, 2013 by J-hang10

    To gain a 50% or more:

    Trophy Level                      Player Level                       Game Name
     1250-1400                               35-50                               J-hang10


    Troops Needed
    50 Archers
    50 Barbarians
    8-10 Giants
    15-25 Goblins
    5 Wall Breakers
    5-10 Minions (optional)

    1) If you can find a base with many buildings outside of their walls. You have a few ways to go about it.You can      place a few archers to "test" their defences by placing them out of range. The archers have a further range than the Giants or Goblins so always start by testing them(this part is easier if you have Minions). You can place your Minions in range of cannons and Mortars. If you are using minions, try to take out their air defence first. You w…

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