To gain a 50% or more:

Trophy Level                      Player Level                       Game Name
 1250-1400                               35-50                               J-hang10


Troops Needed
50 Archers
50 Barbarians
8-10 Giants
15-25 Goblins
5 Wall Breakers
5-10 Minions (optional)

1) If you can find a base with many buildings outside of their walls. You have a few ways to go about it.You can      place a few archers to "test" their defences by placing them out of range. The archers have a further range than the Giants or Goblins so always start by testing them(this part is easier if you have Minions). You can place your Minions in range of cannons and Mortars. If you are using minions, try to take out their air defence first. You want to "pick off" as many buildings as you can without wasting all of your troops. You can then "distract" their defences with the giants by breaking into their "pockets" with the defences in it. You can place about 2 giants at a time while you send in the goblins or Barbarians depending on what buildings are in that "pocket". After a breaking into a few "pockets" you shoud be at 50%. It is up to you whether or not to continue the attack.

For Trophies:

Troops Needed
6 Archers
8-10 Giants (Just incase of Hidden tesla for backup)
1-3 Lightning spells (optional)

        This way is easier but may take quite a bit longer to find a base. It is fairly easier than the above strategy, however there are a few downsides to this strategy. 

        1) You will only gain 5- 10 trophies depending on the base.

        2) There could be hidden traps (Teslas, Bombs, Springs, Etc.)

All you do is simply find a base with the town hall outside of the range of all of their defences (Usually it is in one of the corners). Then ONLY DEPLOY ONE  archer on the Town Hall because if there is a Hidden Tessla, you dont want all of your archers decimated by it.

  • If there IS a Hidden Tesla, then deploy your giants as needed to destroy it. Then deploy the rest of your Archers on the town hall. 
  • If there IS NOT a Hidden Tesla, then put down your Archers on the town hall. 

If the base has enough resources IN THEIR STORAGE, then you can Lightning their storage and get quite a bit of resources. 

Note: Do Not lightning their storages unless you know it will be worth it. You dont want to spend 20k on a spell and waste it on only a few resources. 

Another downside to this is, as you go up in trophies, the bases become harder to find like this. Also if you need to get resources, the bases are harder to attack to get over 100k of anything. 

Good luck to you all! Raid on.

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