• JJ888

    Future heroes

    January 31, 2013 by JJ888

    Goblin czar: targets resouces like goblins with4x dmg . when defending your village, goes for other goblins.

    King Giant: goes for defences like giants. when defending, goes for any target.

    Wall desinegrator: goes for walls like wall breakers. instantly destroyed doing 40x spash dmg to EVERY wall. on defence, blowes up its bomb and does a massive amount of spash dmg within a small radius.

    War Zepplin: targets defences and does huge splash dmg. when defending does just about the same.

    Emporer wizard: ranged shots do spash dmg. targets all ranged troops on defence.

    Queen healer: has the same function as an ordinary healer but with boosted, health, heal and a huge healing raidious.

    Rage dragon: has a ranged attack with huge splash dmg.

    Yes, I know th…

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  • JJ888

    Balloon VS Wizard

    January 29, 2013 by JJ888

    For this competition, unlike the archer vs barbarian competition, I am completely undecided because I have yet to unlock the wizard. however I know from experiance that I am very fond of balloons and there high attack power. however, both the wizard and and the balloon are strikers and best used with support. The wizard packs quite a bit more puch than the balloon. However, the ballon has the big advantage of being an air unit, but that means it can be attacked by the dreaded air defence. So lets stack up the odds and see who will be the best go-to striker!


    I like the idea of a striker air unit without the extravagant pricing and housing space of a dragon. But the question is, can the balloon top the wizard? Well, for one, balloons hav…

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  • JJ888

    Archer VS Barbarian

    January 28, 2013 by JJ888

    I, personally, favor barbarians in this match of equals. To me, the only good thing about archers is the fact that they can bypass walls.The barbarian has a lot of good qualities, but they both share a common weakness to mortars and wizard towers. So, who will come out the victor? Thats up to you!

    PROS: The archers main strength is its abitity to cripple those pesky walls by firing over them.However, I fail to see how that makes them the most requested/attacked with troop. They also have pretty good movement speed. They are also very powerful when swarming in mobs. They can fire at air units when defending. Overall, these troops are the default to many players.

    CONS: No offence top archer lovers, but I really dont know where to begin on this…

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