The Lowdown

I, personally, favor barbarians in this match of equals. To me, the only good thing about archers is the fact that they can bypass walls.The barbarian has a lot of good qualities, but they both share a common weakness to mortars and wizard towers. So, who will come out the victor? Thats up to you!


PROS: The archers main strength is its abitity to cripple those pesky walls by firing over them.However, I fail to see how that makes them the most requested/attacked with troop. They also have pretty good movement speed. They are also very powerful when swarming in mobs. They can fire at air units when defending. Overall, these troops are the default to many players.

CONS: No offence top archer lovers, but I really dont know where to begin on this section. They have very low dps and hit points. In fact the lowest of each in the game! they are almost always crippled by by mortars and can barely function without support by bulkier troops like giants or P.E.K.K.A.'s. So, basically, thay are very weak under fire. Overall, they almost always need support.


PROS: Boy, are there a lot of em'! Barbarians have good attack, good defence, and pretty good speed. Deadly when swarming in large numbers and bust through walls easily when doing so. The can function reletively well without support and are extremely powerful when they have it. Overall, they are a lot of power and little strategy.

CONS: They, like archers, are reletively weak to mortars. They also have to take time to bust through walls, but thats why they created wall breakers. duh. Overall, the cons for this troop are limeted.

Bottom Line

All in all, both these troops are very good if you know how to use them. Which one is better, however, well, that's up to you. 

Which is better?

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Thanx for reading!plz comment on what u think!


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