The Lowdown

For this competition, unlike the archer vs barbarian competition, I am completely undecided because I have yet to unlock the wizard. however I know from experiance that I am very fond of balloons and there high attack power. however, both the wizard and and the balloon are strikers and best used with support. The wizard packs quite a bit more puch than the balloon. However, the ballon has the big advantage of being an air unit, but that means it can be attacked by the dreaded air defence. So lets stack up the odds and see who will be the best go-to striker!



I like the idea of a striker air unit without the extravagant pricing and housing space of a dragon. But the question is, can the balloon top the wizard? Well, for one, balloons have a bit more health than wizards and target defences, which to me is a big advantage over the wizard. These troops also have splash damage, which is a pretty useful addition to the balloon. Need I say it again, the balloon is an air unit and is not affected by mortars, cannons, and traps. Bottom line: there greatest advantege is being an air unit.


Well, for one, even though balloons have more health than a wizard, they are still extremely weak to air defences and it is best if you make sure that all air defences are scrapped before you even consider bringing out a balloon. Also these units are very, very slow. the slowest in the game, which makes them even more vaunerable to air defences. They also strike very slowly, but there strikes do a lot of damage.Bottom line: Keep them away from air defences!



These troops are the go-to stiker for many players and stratagies. They do more damage than balloons and are ranged strikers that dish out damage very quickly. A lot like an ultra powered magical archer. They also have less housing space than balloons and are much, much faster. Bottom line: These guys are raw dps.

CONS: The main trouble for this troop is there low health, which is less than a balloon's. This low health makes them very vaunerable to mortars, and, ironically, wizard towers. They, like archers, have difficulty operating under fire. They need support from beefier troops like giants and P.E.K.K.A's. Botton line: they need support to function.

Bottom line


wizard with fireball

So, let's add up the stats. both are strikers. Both have very little health. Both are best with support. To me, there is and never will be a clear winner. It all depends on preference, stratagy, and the situation you are in. Whatever you think, both these troops are a good part of an effective lineup.

Thanx for reading! plz comment on what u think!