Future Heroes

Goblin czar: targets resouces like goblins with4x dmg . when defending your village, goes for other goblins.

King Giant: goes for defences like giants. when defending, goes for any target.

Wall desinegrator: goes for walls like wall breakers. instantly destroyed doing 40x spash dmg to EVERY wall. on defence, blowes up its bomb and does a massive amount of spash dmg within a small radius.

War Zepplin: targets defences and does huge splash dmg. when defending does just about the same.

Emporer wizard: ranged shots do spash dmg. targets all ranged troops on defence.

Queen healer: has the same function as an ordinary healer but with boosted, health, heal and a huge healing raidious.

Rage dragon: has a ranged attack with huge splash dmg.

Yes, I know this isnt much, but i plan to add to it.

Comment on what you think!


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