There should be a new hero called the "Big Breaker". It should cost 200,000 dark elixir. The idea of the big breaker is that it is a giant wallbreaker ( probably 10x the original size of the wallbreaker ) holding a bomb the size of a golem. You can use the big breaker once a week. The big breaker is an offensive and defensive hero, just like the previous two heroes. In offensive battling, when deployed, the big breaker destroys every wall on the map.( this is why it is only available once a week). In defensive battles, the big breaker can heal walls. It can heal a level 12 wall in 18 seconds, and a level 1 wall in 1.5 seconds. ( the ratio of the healing is- 1:1.5 ). The big breaker has an altar like the other heroes, but can only take 50 hitpoints.

The Big Breaker cannot be resurrected from resting with gems, because that is too OP.

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