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    Blacksmith Table

    December 21, 2013 by Japster

    Blacksmith Blacksmith Level Troop Upgrade Name Buff De-buff Cost Time
    EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Weapon +1 Damage -1 Speed 100,000 Gold 1 Day
    Armour +1 Defence -1 Speed 100,000 Gold 1 Day
    Speed +1 Speed -1 Defence 75,000 Gold 1 Day
    Special 1 +1 Health None 200,000 Elixir 1 Day
    Special 2 +50% Attack Speed None 200,000 Elixir 1 Day
    Level 1 Blacksmith
    Tier 1 Troops Barbarian Steel Sword +2 Damage None 100,000 Gold 2 Days
    Steel Armour +2 Defence -1 Speed 150,000 Gold 1 Day
    Gold Boots +2 Speed -1 Defence 75,000 Gold 1 Day
    Enchanted Ring +4 Health None 250,000 Elixir 4 Days
    Enchanted Bracelet +50% Attack Speed None 200,000 Elixir 5 Days
    Archer Longbow +2 Damage None 150,000 Gold 2 Days
    Thick Cloak +2 Defence None 100,000 Gold 2 Days
    Lighter Boots +1 Sp…

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  • Japster

    This post was written some time ago for another clashing website. But as I was flumexed by the posting system, why not post here?

    When I upgraded my Town Hall to level 6 I hadn't exactly maxed out level 5. Through out my time as TH 6 I succeeded in building and upgrading the Laboratory once and upgrading a few odd buildings here and there, in fact, when I gemmed my way to TH 7 at the cost of £3, the only building even close to max level were my collectors. So here is a list of what I set about doing to clean up my village.

    First off I totally redesigned my base, the act of sticking all of your building inside a single set of walls is no longer useful at this level, if it was ever at all. After that I set about upgrading my level four cannons…

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