This post was written some time ago for another clashing website. But as I was flumexed by the posting system, why not post here?

When I upgraded my Town Hall to level 6 I hadn't exactly maxed out level 5. Through out my time as TH 6 I succeeded in building and upgrading the Laboratory once and upgrading a few odd buildings here and there, in fact, when I gemmed my way to TH 7 at the cost of £3, the only building even close to max level were my collectors. So here is a list of what I set about doing to clean up my village.

First off I totally redesigned my base, the act of sticking all of your building inside a single set of walls is no longer useful at this level, if it was ever at all. After that I set about upgrading my level four cannons and my level four archers towers. I got my mortars up from level two and my air defence from level one as well as the extra defences you get a TH 7. I finally built the spell factory and have now got it up to level two. I gemmed my third builders hut and bought up my army camps to allow for 175 troop space. I also upgraded the laboratory a bit and have now got my troops to mostly level three, some level two, and archers and goblins to level four. I got my Clan Castle up to level 3 so I can now accept dragons from my friendly then-clan mates at BnK, brought and built both Hidden Tesla’s, and, finally, bought the Dark Elixir storage and gemmed for Barbarian King.

This is a rough guide of my actions after coming in from a badly shaped TH 6 into a totally unacceptable TH 7. My plans are to now max out everything in TH 7 (with the possible exception of walls and the definite exception of Barbarian King) before aiming for the 2 million required for TH 8. As you may have noticed I have not mentioned the Dark Barracks in my list. That is because I haven't managed to buy it yet, though I am working for it.

-Japster 19/10/2013

So, now I have upgraded my town hall again, a bit early really. But now I have sworn a solemn oath to max out TH 8 before moving on. I am now a member of Bad's clan, Cacilds. At the moment I am trophy hunting. I don't know why, I just am. I have got up a few more upgrades and have almost got all my walls to level 5. I will revert to farming soon and go back to my comfortable ground around 1200-1300 cups. It be dangerous at 1500 cups.

-Japster 20/12/2013

OK, now I have settled down with a Cup hunting base with Cups on my mind but still hinting for resources. I am comftorable at 1600 cups and will remain there for the immideate future. To check my maxing out progress visit my user page and check the Tabs, its slow going but I'm getting there.

-Japster 29/12/2013

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