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  • Jeager117

    Story guide

    January 15, 2014 by Jeager117

    Hey, it is me, Jeager117. I'm making a story guide like Chiefjimjim. Enough of the talking, let's go!

    I was finding good game on the play stores, but I could not find any. Suddenly I saw some words shining brightly, it is called 'Clash of Clans'. Oh my god, Clash of Clans on android, let's download it. Yeah, I open the app, to see a villager greeting me. After the long tutorial(don't use any gems in the tutorial, it is not worth it, except the second builder), I finally be able to play the game myself. I saw a ruined building, It's the clan castle!

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  • Jeager117

    Clashing, Jeager's ways

    January 13, 2014 by Jeager117

    Just a random user on this wikia, I plan to make a strategy guide because I am free.(lame reason,right?)Ok, let's skip to the important part. P.S. I will try to make the guide as funny as I could.

    I will split this section into three parts.

    Farming type village: They usually share these common traits

    1)Putting town hall out of protection, or leave them as buffer so defensive will have more time killing the enemy troops.

    2)Storages, or even mines and collectors, is placed in the interior of the village and highly protected by defensive and walls(usually the wall with higher levels is used to protect them)

    Trophy hunter type village: They usually share these common traits

    1)Putting town hall in the interior, reducing the trophy deduction or even s…

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