So I've been plahing CoC for quite awhile and have become hooked. I talked 5 of my friends into playing and they have all become hooked as well. However, two of my friends no longer play CoC and it's because of one simple reason; we can't attack eachother. Feeling annoyed I wondered why the ability to do this wasn't added and upon simple reflection of the games dynamics, came to a the reason why. Obviously you cant attack your friends because nobody really gets to choose who they want to attack. Also, this game is more of a cooperative game rather than a competitive game. So I've thought of a way this feature could be implemented without ruining the games dynamics

They way to do this is simple, allow us to attack our friends, clan or no clan, and simply make it not count. We don't steel their resources, their traps go off but become restored after, even their clan castle troops comes out but later becomes restored when the attack is over. I want to be able to attack my friends to show them I could potentially destroy them, but I don't actally want to destroy them. Call them "ghost attacks," if you will. This would allow a fun ability to attack your friends and even set up a new dynamic to work with friends to run trial and error attacks to and aid eachother on creating the perfect base. If this is implemented, perhaps I can get my friends back on to play.

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