• Jmitch92

    Hello everyone,

    Clan Name : Tempest

    Clan Tag : #CCGGR9RU
    Location : International - Players welcome from any part of the world.
    Required trophies: 0 (Anyone Can Join) Policies:

    1. We give advise and tips to others but only when asked, we dont force feed someone into changing their base design, atk style etc.. 2. No criticism for bad atks in clan wars, we all make mistakes sometimes.
    3. Donate troops (as requested)
    4. Use Both Attacks in war
    5. Be loyal and active.

    Join Clan Tempest looking for people to grow with the clan, you do not have to be an amazing player we are willing to teach you alot of different attack strategies and base layouts

    We are also looking for another Co-Leader who can help build up the clan, and prove your self to become an elde…

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