Dear Support,

I send an email last two weeks to have my Village Back since after updates that i can no longer used my account from clan named: Pinoy! 7 Kidz. I am the leader and the one who created the clan but unfortunately, during the updates the system is not allowing me to use my coc.

I tried logging it but unfortunately it is not linked to my Gmail since i changed mobile phones while the previous email is

The COC Support named chris mentioned to provide receipt on the COC Purchase. What if i didnt avail any Gems? Meaning you guys will not support my request. But good news, I purchased some gems i tried logging to Google Wallet but i only have one cancelled transactions and i dont have my iphone now to view the old one's.

With this, I forward all necessary information to Chris but he still requesting for the COC Purchase.

I been faithfull and loyal to COC game and even supported other SC online games.

With this, I dont know what will happen next but i really wanted my Village back.

It is in Clan named Pinoy! 7Kidz user name is TOTI  position is Leader.

If COC Support will analyze that i can no longer used the village or not able to open from weeks time that you guys did the updates that includes lava hound.

This will be the last message to your support grp. the next time i will inform all my friends not to play COC anymore since you guys cannot help us on our inquiries but i still HOPE and trust that you can do something about my village

thank you


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