Here are some good guild lines for town hall level 5.


I think it is good to attack people with archer towers level 5 are less,and cannons are less,and mortar 3 are less and wizard tower 1 are no wizard tower.This is almost always going to win if you have wizards and have 95 army camp space with the right troops.If you use at least 3 wizards and barbarians and archers.I would only attack people with town hall level 5 if you have town hall level 5.Attacking with lots of wizards is good at town hall level 5 but use some archers and barbarians too.If you attack with lots of barbarians and some other troop you should use a lightning spell on the mortar.Archers clan attack over walls so you should always have some archers when attacking.Use giants when attacking a base with there cannons,archer tower,mortar at front line in the walls but put some Barbarians to break the wall for the giants.Use goblins to attack gold mines and elixir collectors.


Defense is going to be good place to get trophies at town hall level 5 you should have a base with level 6 cannons and level 6 archer towers and level 4 are 5 walls to be getting tons of trophies.Placing with walls is a thing you have to do to win defense battles you should at town hall level 5 have a big wall and a wall inside for your town hall.You should have a clan castle at town hall level 5 and it is good to have troops in them when you are offline I recommend archers in your clan castle just because they can attack land are sky.You should put at least 2 defenses near your town hall so if the get through your wall and get to your town halls wall they will be there to help.You should put your archer towers away from the walls because they have a good range so the archer towers can defend your whole village.

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