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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is School
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  • Joshokitty

    Attack Strategy

    June 25, 2014 by Joshokitty

    It All Starts With a Friend

    My friend kept begging for me to get CoC after his friend told him to get it. It took months for me to finally get unlazy and finally get the dang game. It happened to be a great descision. It helped me with school (especially with math) and the strategy part of Clash of Clans just quizzes your mind to think of the impossible rather than thinking of the possible.

    Army Composition

    My army composition is nothing short of a Bronze I. I am in Silver II but my army is... well, need's help. I am very cheap elixir-wise (not so much gold because it's so abundant in the game). I wish I made the executive descision of upgrading to wizards a long time ago when I had enough. But whatever. 

    12 giants

    35 archers

    1 barbarian

    2 wallbr…

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  • Joshokitty

    A Not-So-Clashy Life

    Hi! I'm Joshokitty. This blog opening will tell you just a little bit about my not-so-clashy life. From my start to my current placing. It will include strategies, a few important levels, and everything you need to know about Joshokitty. 

    In these few blog posts, I hope, will make you and I better Clashers.

    ~Joshokitty, your fellow Clasher

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