November 30, 2014 by KING KRUSH

    So i was new to Coc Clans and was looking for a good one so i kept posting looking for a good clan please help!

    I had alot of invites so i looked for things:

    Good description,member amount...

    The second one is very important as if your new and quite shabby at the game yo want to find a clan with about 14-20 members so the help and attention is equaly given according to eachothers level. So i found a clan called Thebaseballgods, they were good but for some reason I was kicked out I still dont know why.. so then i went to look for another clan i was invited to one called this is Sparta and it should of been called THIS IS THE MOST UNACTIVE CLAN IN THE WORLD! so i left because of two things

    1. Unactive

    2. didnt fit in. yes i felt like they were to…

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