So i was new to Coc Clans and was looking for a good one so i kept posting looking for a good clan please help!

I had alot of invites so i looked for things:

Good description,member amount...

The second one is very important as if your new and quite shabby at the game yo want to find a clan with about 14-20 members so the help and attention is equaly given according to eachothers level. So i found a clan called Thebaseballgods, they were good but for some reason I was kicked out I still dont know why.. so then i went to look for another clan i was invited to one called this is Sparta and it should of been called THIS IS THE MOST UNACTIVE CLAN IN THE WORLD! so i left because of two things

1. Unactive

2. didnt fit in. yes i felt like they were to good or to bad noone was at my level.

So i went out looking for another clan I was invited to The Storm Chasers

The guys there were just so kind and had at least 25 active members but that stopped soon they all left to join another clan by 2 previous members Sam And Jonothan and now they have all left their clan and arent back. but we still have nice guys and were getting more members,

Thanks for reading,


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