Hi, I am a maxed out th8.

I have been trying with new strats for months, and finally found one that works.

First, u need: ATLEAST lv3 hogs ATLEAST lv2 dragons ATLEAST lv4 healing spells Clan Castle lv4; 1 dragon, 1 hogs OR 5 hogs needed.

You will need: 28 hogs, 3 dragons, and 3 healing spells.

Basically how this works is: to destroy air defense with hogs and cleaning up with dragons. Healing spells to heal.

Steps: 1. deploy one hog nearest to clan castle. 2. deploy a dragon out of reach of defenses. 3. deploy the rest of dragons (not including clan castle dragon) on the same place, to kill the clan castle troops. 4. In the same direction of the attack of the dragons, deploy 10-15 hogs. 5. Deploy healing spell so that the edge of the spell touches the tip of the pig (for hogs) PS: that will make the maximum amount of heal range available, not just placing the spell in the middle of the hog. Comment if you don't know what that means. 6. deploy rest of the hogs next to already-deployed-troops. 7. place clan castle troops in the place on the same place the hogs were deployed. 8. place spells on hogs of necessary. 9. Drags to damage while air defenses are destroyed. 10. 3 star. PS: think before you attack in case of lack of time. PPS: this works, I told my clan mates about this strategy, and they 3 star the rest. HAVE FUN AND CLASH!

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