Hi guys, I thought of  a great idea for our next CoC update.

Everyone in out clan should have the choice to "tip" co-leaders and the leader. 

Once a week, you can donate 5 gems to any co-leaders or leaders. No one can request for gems, but members, elders, co-leaders, or even leaders can give 5 gems to a co-leader or a leader. 

By donating 5 gems, co-leaders and the leader can understand who you are, and you can appeal that you care about the clan. By doing this often, you can be respected by fellow clanmates, and may be givin a promotion.

If you donate for 4 consecutive weeks, you get 10,000 coins, elixer, and 200 dark elixer. So donate 20 gems, then you get respected and earn some bonus loot.

I hope Supercell considers this as an update sometime.

Please comment if this is a good idea, bad idea, improvements, questions, and more!!

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