Ok, so while playing Clash of Clans I've thought of countless things that I would like to see in the game. Thinking back, I see how many of them were ridiculous, but I think that some of them are pretty good. Here is one of these ideas. 

The sea

I often look at the see and think, why is it there if we can't use it? It would be awesome if you could create ships and attack other players with deadly pirates, or ask the Merfolk for reinforcements. Of course this would be expensive and it would take a lot of time, but it would add a ton of things for players to do.

New Buildings

The Harbor: This is technically just an Army Camp and Barracks mixed together, but for the sea. It would be 7x7 tiles and would be used for creating and holding ships. It should be unlocked at Town Hall level 7 and cost 800000 elixir. A Harbor at level 1 should be able to create simple reinforcement ships and hold up to three of them.

Sea Barracks #couldn't find a better name#: These Barracks would be used for training troops that live in the sea or around it. An example of these troops are Merfolk, Sea Turtle Riders (awesomeness!!), and Pirates. This building would be unlocked at Town Hall level 8 and cost 1000000 elixir.

Some sort of a sea-resource collector/pump: I haven't thought of this idea at all, I just decided to post it here. It would be used to buy the sea troops, so it would be unlocked at Town Hall level 7 and cost 750000 gold.

Sea-resource Storage: Obviously, this would be used to store the sea-resource. It would be unlocked at Town Hall level 7 and cost 600000 gold.

New Troops

Merfolk: These beautiful creatures may seem innocent but beware, when they see that their kingdom of the sea is threatened they don't hesitate to destroy every thing not belonging to the sea. Somehow the villagers have gotten to know them and they have been granted the permission to build on their land (sea), but only if they allow the Merfolk to fight with them. They can attack both buildings on land and buildings in the sea. They are powerful and sturdy but due to the fact that they are creatures of the sea they have to return to the sea after one minute of fierce fighting to breathe. At level 1, these are the stats:

Damage per second: 30

Hitpoints: 80

Training Cost: 10 sea-resource

Favorite target: Sea Buildings

Damage type: Single Target

Targets: Ground

Housing Space: 1

Training Time: 45s

Movement speed: 20

Sea Turtle Rider: No one knows how old the Sea Turtles are. Their power is tremendous due to their harsh nature and training. The Merfolk taimed them when the lands when the lands were still forming and life had just started to prosper there. They are commited to stay on their rider's side and if he/she dies, it is released to the depths of the ocean. Their riders carry staffs of magical power which shoot bolts formed by the spellmakers of the deep. Same goes with this troop as the Merfolk, they must return to the sea after one minute. Here are their stats:

Damage per second: 50

Hitpoints: 200

Training Cost: 25 sea-resource

Favorite target: Sea Buildings

Damage type: Area Splash

Targets: Ground & Air

Housing Space: 8

Training Time: 5m

Movement speed: 14

More will be added soon...

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