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  • Karsonkevin2

    Check out the data on the google excel sheet

    Make sure to check out the different pages by using the tabs on the bottom.

    Some takeaways from the data

    • The developers put a lot of effort into the troops in order to make the damage, hitpoints, and costs similar in the same troop for every level as evidenced by that column
    • PEKKAs are the best troops in the game. Levels 5,4,3,2 are the top 4 and lv 1 is # 6
    • Goblins get you the best bang for your buck of elixir troops
    • Minions get you the best bang for your buck of dark elixir troops
    • Wallbreakers and giants are the worst troops in the game at low levels
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  • Karsonkevin2

    I know that many people ask advice on what to upgrade next. In some cases it may be lv 10 archer tower vs lv 10 cannon. In other cases it may be harder to judge, such as 2 lv 11 cannons or one inferno tower.

    I have compiled some data using the clashofclans wikia as my source and have organized it according to which gives you the most bang for your buck.

    The data can be found here . The giant column on the left has data organized by each tower. The data set on the right side of the page has all tower put together. The values that I am comparing are Cost/(πr^2*ΔDpS). What that means is cost (cost of upgrading a tower by one level) is being divided by the product of area (pi*radius squared) and increase in damage (delta DpS).

    Some peculiarities t…

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