league - crystal III or crystal II

troops - only archers, king and queen

target - inactive players with loot in collectors or farming bases

This might be the cheapest and easiest way to gain loot. As in crystal III the bonus loot is 35000 gold, 35000 elixir and 100 dark elixir all we have to do is find a townhall which is farming and hit it. if each attack takes 1 minute and around 2 - 4 mins to search (so lets say each attack takes up around 4 mins in average), in 1 hour we make 525000 gold and elixir and 1500 dark elixir just by hitting townhalls. this of course is excluding the inactive players we find in between who help our average loot go much higher. i have found that on a good day i make around 1 - 1.5 million in 1 hour

remember that archers should be deployed only if necessary because the king and queen are enough to take out the townhall within 10 seconds when their special abilities are used. see to that there are no defences nearby specially teslas. find a townhall which is in the extreme corner and there is no space for teslas. and when attacking inactives don't worry about the trophys, but don't lose too many attacks that you fall into gold I.

for players with rooted android phones. there's an app called xmodgames which lets us see real time traps and teslas even before starting the attack on a player. it has various other benefits like automatically searching for players with their townhalls near the edge (the max distance from edge value must be set to 10), setting minimum loot a player has, practice attacks in war (sandbox attack) etc

my xmodgames settings are :

real time trap/teslas - ON

minimum gold - 100000

minimum elixir - 100000

max distance of townhall from edge - 10

meet all conditions - OFF

search switch - ON

keep active - ON

this setting will show us players with either a loot of above 100000 gold or elixir or a townhall near the edge also displaying the traps and teslas

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