• Kierstenmariee


    May 22, 2015 by Kierstenmariee

    Clan Tag: #YQC88QP8

    My friend and I are soon to be 19 and will be sophmores in college. We created this clan because we were tired of the immaturaty we found in most of the clans we were in. People were promoted and demoted right and left. There was absolutely no consistency. With out clan Odium we plan to attack 2-3 times a week (Once we have 10 people) and we plan to keep consistency with our clan and become a clan family. The first few people to join will automatically be elder. The longer you stay and depending on troop donations you can possibly recieve co-leader. So please join! Like i said, we are just begining so we cant do much right now, but once we get the 10 people to fun begins!!!!

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