• Ksuds253

    Join my clan

    January 5, 2014 by Ksuds253

    If you are level 50-70 join our feeder exodus II and if your 70+ join our main clan exodus, we are quite a big clan and wouldn't mind having more people with us, we are active all the time and have a great laugh, our 2 highest members nearly have max everything. we push and farm at different times, we normally push one season then farm the next, elder is earned. thanks for reading and please request to join. I'm rateking and will accept you if you request to join.

    We are the clan with the white and red flag fading into each of, we have a lot of members in our clan so if we are full jump into the feeder, all elders keep in touch with each other and also keep in touch with the feeder to see if anyone is ready to come up. Thanks for reading a… Read more >