Well, as we all know, the poison spell is here to take out skeleton traps and clan castle, replacing the Lightning Spell. The new Earthquake spell replaces the lightning's 2nd use, destroying buildings to get to 50% because a it is smaller in your spell factory and a lot of buildings are always below 20%. And finally, even though I wasn't a fan of the Lightning on the storages, that took another use for the Lightning spell away. What use is the Lightning Spell?

Yeah, there really is no use for the spell. It is now more useless than the heal spell, basically that spell is only used at town hall 6-8, sometimes 9. But the Lightning Spell? Now it is used at town hall 5-7, but I don't even know if they use it that much. Right now, the Lightning Spell is just an elixir eater. Please, revamp the Lightning Spell!

I think that to revamp the spell it should uncover traps and disarm them. For the telsas, make it have a short circuit and stop working. Whatever you do, make the Lightning Spell BETTER!

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