• Larry The Skelly

    So I've been wondering for a while if its beneficial to bring a heal spell with your dragon attacks. So i did a test, using 3 rage and 2 rage 1 heal with 10 Lvl 3 drags on a th7, a th8 and a th9. I did each test twice to make sure it wasn't luck in the raids. Here are the results!


    Th7: 100%, 3 stars - 100%, 3 stars Th8: 100%, 3 stars - 100%, 3 stars Th9: 64%, 2 stars - 53%, 2 stars

    No Heal:

    Th7: 100%, 3 stars - 100%, 3 stars Th8: 87%, 2 stars - 100%, 3 stars Th9: 72%, 1 star - 46%, 1 star

    So in conclusion, looking at the results, I'm definitely Gonna use 1 heal spell in clan wars. Why don't you do this test and comment your results?

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