• Leader of Dark Army

    The resource converter is a resource type building which allows the player to convert his resources from one to another. 

    There are 6 possible conversions:

    - gold            to      elixir

    - elixir           to      gold 

    - dark elixir    to      elixir

    - elixir           to      dark elixir 

    - dark elixir    to      gold 

    - gold            to      dark elixir 


    Currency: 1 elixir = 1000 dark elixir = 1 gold


    Space: 4x4 Tiles Town Hall required: Level 7

    Cost to Build: 1,000,000 gold or 1,000,000 elixir

    Time to build: 3 Days


    Conversion Time: 1 hour per 100 resource

    Put in certain amount of 1 resource,

    wait certain amount of days for resouce to be done converting,

    equal amount of other resource comes out.

    The resource converter has all the attributeā€¦

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  • Leader of Dark Army

     Range: 12 Tiles  Upgrade Cost: 2,000,000

    Hitpoints: 3,000

    Troop Capacity: 30

    Build Time: 3 Days

    Town Hall Level Required: 8

    The clan castle that I designed has that new dark style that has been use in many of the new higher level upgrades for buildings. The castle also has spikes on each corner, also like many buildings. The castle's shape is the same shape and size as the previouse level 4 clan castle.

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  • Leader of Dark Army

    Clash of Clan Ship

    People of clash of clans I bring you... A SHIP

    Due to the fact that next to every one's village there is a beach leading out into an ocean, we could have ships docked to our shores.

    I have generated 2 purposes for this ship:

    1) Instead of randomly donating troops to clan members, they can be shipped to them.

    2) You could arm ships to have battles out on the sea with other players.


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  • Leader of Dark Army

    This is my idea for a level 10 town hall!

    Hit points: 5,000

    Build cost (gold): 5,000,000

    Build time: 12 days

    Instead of 1 look out tower in the corner, level 10 town hall has 4 on each corner. Also, level 10 town hall has an archer tower for defence thats on top of the town hall that looks over your village. 

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  • Leader of Dark Army

    Tar Pit Idea

    January 26, 2013 by Leader of Dark Army
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