The resource converter is a resource type building which allows the player to convert his resources from one to another. 

There are 6 possible conversions:


- gold            to      elixir

- elixir           to      gold 

- dark elixir    to      elixir

- elixir           to      dark elixir 

- dark elixir    to      gold 

- gold            to      dark elixir 


Currency: 1 elixir = 1000 dark elixir = 1 gold


Space: 4x4 Tiles Town Hall required: Level 7

Cost to Build: 1,000,000 gold or 1,000,000 elixir

Time to build: 3 Days


Conversion Time: 1 hour per 100 resource

What The Player Sees 

Put in certain amount of 1 resource,

wait certain amount of days for resouce to be done converting,

equal amount of other resource comes out.

The Machanics and How it Really Works

The resource converter has all the attributes of a gold mine, elixir collector and dark elixir drill, exept it requires 1 of the 3 resources to run and it takes a certain amount of time. The intake and outake resources are choosen at the beging of the the process, ( converting what to what ). Once the player chooses what resourses that they are going to convert, they press the start button. Then the player has to wait for a certain amount of time, this process can be speeded up with gems, ( which increase the player's chances of buying gems ). At the end of the process, a picture of the resource appears over the converter just like a gold mine, elixir collector or dark elixir drill.   

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