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    New Dark Elixir Troop

    November 7, 2013 by Legelas26

    My idea is that there should be a new troop made. The powers of the dark elixir take a regular wolf and turn it into a ravaging beast that wishes to take anything in its path. Has no particular target or maybe it has a certain taste for dark elixir. After it gets the dark elixir it goes after everything else. It would most likely be the most powerful Dark Elixir troop. With a damage per second of 40 at level 1. A damage per attack of 93 -95 at level 1. A damage upon death of 375 at level one. The cost to make one would be 425-450. With research ranging from 20000-80000. Labratory from 4-8. The research time shouldn't be terribly long like all of the other troops. It should be around a couple hours or more per research time. Like always whe…

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