My idea is that there should be a new troop made. The powers of the dark elixir take a regular wolf and turn it into a ravaging beast that wishes to take anything in its path. Has no particular target or maybe it has a certain taste for dark elixir. After it gets the dark elixir it goes after everything else. It would most likely be the most powerful Dark Elixir troop. With a damage per second of 40 at level 1. A damage per attack of 93 -95 at level 1. A damage upon death of 375 at level one. The cost to make one would be 425-450. With research ranging from 20000-80000. Labratory from 4-8. The research time shouldn't be terribly long like all of the other troops. It should be around a couple hours or more per research time. Like always when you upgrade the troop the states will increase. Training time of 25 min. Ground attack. Speed at about 15 maybe less or more. Attack speed ranging from 2.5 to 3.0. Dark Barracks required level 4 or 5. Also, possibly it could have an ability like the golem, when the werewolf dies little wolfs come out of the dead werewolf and continue to attack. But this is only and idea to add to the creature.

Click on the [1] to see what the creature would kinda look like.

Let me know what you think! :)


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