• LegendClasher

    My first Blog

    March 16, 2015 by LegendClasher

    My name is Legend Clasher. I have another account on the Clash Of Clans forums but i dont post regularly there. But when i made a account on the wika of Clash Of Clans. I will be glad to help people out about simple questions. (If it is simple)

    Hello, i'm LegendClasher. I am a TH5 loads of loot. Anways, if you want to see my base my name is Sir Botham. I am a nice and friendly guy. If you want to join my clan. It is called Elobas Prime. If you do join we will have a great time together! I used to be co leader by I recently got demoted to a member. But i will be getting my co leader back in 1 week. So thats really about me! Hope you enjoy!

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