In the future I predict new heroes for each unit type, there could be a new resource called Mana, we use it to train more troops. new troop ideas: barbarian=Vikings, archers=hunters, goblins=ogres, giants=trolls, wallbreakers=bombers,balloons=cannons/blimps, wizards=mages, healers=devil(gives rage effect instead of heal), dragons=demons, P.E.K.K.A=armored Spartans new spells: tornado spell(throws enemy clan castle troops away like spring trap, decreases inferno towers' attack and can blow cannon, archer tower, mortar and x-bow projectiles away)

Water troops(to go on the beach, they have a 20 tile range, clan castle water troops will go to the water): pirate ship, barbarian cannon ship( shoots barbarians into the enemy base).

new troops: monster mole( digs underground and comes up after digging 5 tiles, after 10 seconds digs again), serpent queen( turns into 10 serpents after death, serpents have 30% health of the serpent queen.

Changes to the game: in my opinion, giants should be immune to spring traps. wall-breakers should explode if they don't reach a wall so they don't seem wasted

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