I'm going to start with the dark troops. They need to make more troops. I been thinking and they should make this creation very powerful out of the other troops.

It should be a fairy. It's damage per second should be very high. It's hits points should be very high. It's should heal its self with a max. The training cost shouldn't be around 900 elixir.

While in battle, it's weapon is casting spells at it targets, it then can summon up to 12 little fairies that's is twice as strong and have little bit more life.

Favourite Target- defences (troops- when being attacked if in castle.) Damage Type- area splash. Targets- ground & air Housing space- 30 Training time- 10 Movement speed- 32

I personally think this troop would make the game interesting and fun. I hope in the next few updates that that will consider this.

Thank you for reading my thought.

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