Supercell added more quests, like the tutorial! Where you have to fight the goblins with wizards, what IF the villagers in the village (not the regular) started acttacking you! That would make CoC a little bit more intresting! There should be these upgrade diffrences: Level 1: Wooden sword, and valkyrie outfit. Level 2: Silver sword and P.E.K.K.A. hat (kind of like the barbarians hat) and level 3 wizard outfit mixed with archer. Level 3: Gold sword, gold valkyrie outfit, and a golden crown. Level four: They get a golden valkyrie axe, a level 3 healer dress, and a brand new crown that is a light blue! Thats all the levels of my upgraded villagers (I call them the V.I.L.L.A.G.E.R. (Very Izzy Lizzy Lollipop Awesome Geometic Easy Raid) Haha, funny name, right? Yes they COULD be made for raiding! Thank you for reading -Lizzie :)

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